Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Integrating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

The pros of integrating technology in the foreign language classroom outweigh the cons.

 Much research has shown that integrating technology in the foreign language classroom can benefit the students learning abilities, but there are a few researchers who can prove that it can actually be harmful. Especially in this century, which the world revolves around technology, I think it is very safe to say much of the world depends on at least one form of technology on a daily basis. So why not include it in the learning environment?

 Many schools, use technology in the classroom, helping the students connect more with the language.

Using technology can really help he students learn about the
 language they are learning, because it can go beyond the classroom setting. For example, I recently observed a high school Spanish classroom. In the classroom, the focal point of the class was what they call a promethean board. It is an interactive board, which projects what is on the average computer. Students are able to write on it and watch videos. The teacher showed a video about Mexico and how they authentically celebrate a holiday, which is equivalent to the American Halloween. The students were so excited they would then have to recreate that celebration in their own classroom, all while learning Spanish words and culture.

 Integrating Technology can also beneficial to the teacher.

 Not only do the students get to benefit from the technology, but teachers do as well. Now, teachers are creating their own web pages, so they can keep all of the materials the students need on a site the students are able to access. This can also be a great way for the teachers to connect with their students as well, creating a comfortable classroom for everyone.

 Although integrating technology is beneficial, is it absolutely necessary?

 This is a question I am still asking myself today. Even after all the positive things I have found in my research that I have found, I still have doubts. Being a bilingual speaker, I grew up in an English and Spanish household, but my parents never resorted to technology to teach me Spanish. And although I know there is an innate capability in me to learn Spanish, I wonder if I could have learned it in the classroom setting just as well?

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